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Since the launching of last September, we have received daily questions and comments about prisons in the United States. Many of the questions consisted of important issues such as, “What is life like in prison”, or “how do I locate an inmate,” and hundreds of other questions about specific prisons and jails. Many families have had questions about prison visitation, prison commissary, inmate abuse, prison overcrowding, inmate locator, prison locators, and other topics of importance. It has been very gratifying to see the comments and great interest about articles posted on; “Solitary Confinement revisited,” “Private vs. Public Correctional Facilities,” “Revamp Parole Systems – Reduce Recidivism,” “The Elderly in Prison,” “Exorbitant Prison Phone Rates,” and other important subjects about prisons and our society.

Every week, will publish five questions/comments that we have received from our visitors which will hopefully help others who have to travel the prison path.

1., a news website, comments about “Solitary Confinement Revisited”

Solitary Confinement Revisited | Prisoner Rights |

[…] Prisonpath has previously published articles about the controversial issue of solitary confinement. More and more, the value of solitary confinement as a punishment is challenged by those who work within the prison systems.  […]

2, Tawanna has a question about visitation


Can inmates have visits any day or do they have certain days they can have visits any

Hi Tawana,

You should click the link on our prison page for Racine’s web site. If you click the visitation section, you will see the visitation schedule for the facility.

3. Terri has a comment about “Private vs. Public Prisons”

Terri LeClercq

Quite worrisome! I hope we can persuade Congress to pass this FOIA requirement, and I hope states stop outsourcing the safety of our most volnerable citizens.

4. LaToya has a question about an inmate’s account


How do I put money on an inmate’s account that’s in GreenRock Correctional?

Hi LaToya,

click the link on our prison page to the prison’s web site. You will see on the left a section titled “offenders”. click this section and you will see on the next page a listing for inmate’s accounts. Click this section and you will find all the information that you need to make a deposit into an inmate’s account in Greenrock facility.

5. Jean comments about the Calhoun Correctional Institution


To Whom it May Concern:

Gentle Good Morning.

There is a diversified amount of helpful information on the Calhoun Institute website, although some of it is worded in ways that are a bit confusing to negotiate.

Concerning visitation, regardless of all instruction provided in process of receiving and accessing visitation forms and filling them out correctly, it is stated that visitation privileges basically come down to finalization by the warden of the inmates. So, for whatever reasons they deem to be, visiting privileges are awarded or not. Am I correct in the pre-supposition then, that the warden given such authority, who is ideally supposed to hold themselves personally accountable, may have no balancing oversight at all? Are there objective negotiating supervisors over these wardens, to wisely ensure integrity of each inmate-effecting decision the warden makes? Is there a discreetly concerted effort to be aware of the warden’s final decisions, and for the maintenance of conscientious commitment to the reasonable policies that are written on behalf of the Calhoun Institution’s good name . . . on the behalf of inmates who are assigned to the Institutions care?

Are there people of integrity over those wardens with such authority, so that the inmates are not being discreetly manipulated and being discouraged by the withholding of basic human needs of family connection and presence in visitation privileges? These people have offended societal graces of compatibility, but they still deserve basic respect as we have all made and make mistakes. I understand any perceived conception of dealing with the prisoner like the little kid in time outs, in an effort to correct ill behavior. Even though the people incarcerated may act like children at times, they should still be patiently treated with dignity by the adults who are employed at the institution, considering the prisoners as the adults they are. Doing to others in mercy and grace and believing good deeds can overcome negative reactions quicker in adults, would encourage better behavior that is lasting and not just reactionary to “awarded” time with family and friends.

Please, consider looking into the reasons that the warden does not expedite speedier execution of visitation privileges for the inmates who long for the blessing of being with family and friends while incarcerated.

Very sincerely and kindly,

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i have recntly been informed by my husband who i currently at ECF that my visitation is being denied. i would like to know the reason for this can i find this information out and or can this descision be changed.WHO DO I CONTACT OR HOW DO I GO ABOUT THIS MATTER?