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Immigrant Children, Trump, & Manafort



Photo by: Civil Liberties Defense Center

The events of June 15th, revealed the distressing state of our country. The Department of Homeland Security announced Friday, that the United States government has separated almost 2,000 children at our border from immigrants. The Trump administration’s decision to separate children from their parents crossing the border illegally has reverberated around the world. The administration achieved this admirable goal, by charging the parents with federal crimes, instead as previously done by prior administrations, of referring illegal immigrants with children usually to immigration courts.

Also yesterday, Paul Manafort’s bail was revoked by a federal judge, for new allegations of tampering with witnesses. He was sent immediately to jail, pending his trials for various federal charges.

On Friday, President Trump answered questions from the press on the White House lawn. During his rambling answers, he expressed sympathy for Paul Manafort’s “sentence” imposed by the federal judge, even though it was not a sentence, but rather a revocation of bail for witness tampering. Trump thought it was unfair to put Manafort in jail.

At the same press conference, Pres. Trump expressed very little sympathy for the incarcerated immigrant children. He blamed the present disgraceful policy on the Democrats, even though the Republicans control the senate, the house, and the presidency. He claimed, he was following the law, however, this new draconian policy of separating children from their parents— is pure Trumpism.

The prior administrations did not remove children from immigrant parents, who crossed the border illegally. Attorney General Sessions, made it very clear this new policy was intended to discourage illegal immigration, and even supported this brutal policy by mischaracterizing the bible to support a fascist policy of locking up kids as young as four.


“I had always hoped that this land might become a safe and agreeable asylum to the virtuous and persecuted part of mankind, to whatever nation they might belong.”
George Washington

By:Bradley Schwartz
Founder of

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