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Since the launching of, we have received numerous questions every day from families and friends of inmates. Many of the questions involve how to locate an inmate in prison or jail. You may have received even a telephone call from your family member who is locked up, but he or she were so upset that the specific information about the prison was not given to you. You know that your county has Federal prisons, State prisons, and Local jails. Prisonpath not only provides important information about Federal prisons, State prisons, and Local jails, but can help you locate your family member.

Federal Inmate Locator

The federal prison system operates with one inmate locator system. By using our inmate locator  navigation bar,you can click directly to the Federal inmate locator and find your inmate. The state inmate locators range from bad to excellent. The New York state prison inmate locator is one of the best state inmate locators. Our inmate locator navigation bar lists all of the state inmate locators.

State Prison Inmates Locator

The local jails inmate locators vary from county to county within a state. Our inmate locator navigation bar lists a general inmate locator for local jails that should help in your search for your family member. It is important to remember that some local jails do not provide their inmate lists online and they require a telephone call directly to the jail.

How to locate an inmate in prison or jail:

Presently, you can locate federal and state inmates on our site by using the federal inmate locator and the state inmate locator listed on the inmate locator navigation bar. The inmate locator navigation bar also provides an inmate locator for local jails.

If you cannot find the information on our web site, then you can email [email protected] .