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Questions for Prison Inmates Search, Packages, & Solitary Confinement



Since the launching of last September, we have received daily questions and comments about prisons in the United States. Many of the questions consisted of important issues such as, “What is life like in prison,” or “how do I locate an inmate,” and hundreds of other questions about specific prisons and jails. Many families have had questions about prison visitation, prison commissary, inmate abuse, prison overcrowding, inmate locator, prison locators, and other topics of importance. It has been very gratifying to see the comments and great interest about articles posted on; “Revamp Parole Systems – Reduce Recidivism,” “The Elderly in Prison,” “Exorbitant Prison Phone Rates,” “Do Felons Have the Right to Vote,” and other important subjects about prisons and our society.

Every week, will publish five questions/comments that we have received from our visitors which will hopefully help others who have to travel the prison path.

1. Karan commented on the article, “Solitary Confinement Revisited.”

[email protected]

I think Solitary confinement is wrong, for any reason. I have a son who served time on the East cost and a brother who was a guard in Federal Pen on the West cost. Both had the same stories; guards put them in solitary because it was either easier for the guards, they abused their power or the inmate wanted to be there. My son said in Solitary it is very hard, but you are safe from the rapes and the beatings, from inmates and staff alike. So, it does not matter what we believe about solitary, what does matter is what the real problem is. And how can we redefine prison. Is there something I can do to help? I would love to help.

2. Yey had a question about visitation

[email protected]

Does the inmate have to send the application or can we downloaded on your web page?

Hi Yey,

The inmate has to send the application to you.

3. JoAnne had a question about a Bible

[email protected]

I would like to mail one of your inmates a bible. May I do that? Will he get it?

Hi JoAnne,

Prisonpath is a private web site that provides information about prisons and jails to individuals facing prison and inmate’s families. You can contact the facility, but usually books should be sent directly from the publisher or from Barnes and Noble or Amazon. You could send a bible that way.

4. A grandmother had questions about sending a package

Lulu Davis (grandmother)
[email protected]

What can I send in a package and can I send a check for his spending money?

Hi Lulu,

Do not send a personal check since it will take at least 4 weeks to clear in the state system. You should send a money order or cashiers check. You should click the link on this page to the prison web site and check the regulations about packages. If you are still not sure, you should call the prison for additional information.

5. Debra made a comment about the exorbitant prison phone rates

[email protected]

We are new to having a person in Prison and just trying to be able to talk on the phone is horrible. We had to come up with $200.00 to get started. Then found out what it cost per minute to talk. Our elderly parents can not afford this. We are having to pay this for the their mental stability and for our family memeber that’s in prison. On top of that we used the wrong web site and they took money out of my sister’s account. No we can’t get our money back. With the cost of phone service, putting money on her account it actually taking a serious toll on my parents. I think phone service should be made available to inmates/ family with more afforable rates. I understand that prison is not a vacation but being able to have a connection to family could effect the inmate in a positive way.

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