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Prison Consultant

Can A Prison Consultant Help Me? Yes!

Before you enter a local, state, or federal prison–jail, you will have many questions about prison life, and your attorney does not have the practical answers, because your lawyer has not experienced life in prison. As a prison consultant, I can help you.

I know this, because I was a criminal defense attorney. I did not have a real understanding of prison life, until I was an inmate. Only a former inmate can help you prepare for daily life in prison. You will learn from your prison consultant about co-existing with your bunk mate, surviving the gangs, prison taboos, religious issues, medical care, and other complexities of daily prison life.

With knowledge and preparation, a new inmate can avoid the existing pitfalls that await any first time inmate. For example, Rule 24 from my, “25 Basic Rules on How to Survive Prison and Jail”, discusses the importance of respect among inmates in any institution. It is crucial to respect the space, the past, the house (cell), and the food of other inmates. Do not crowd another inmate’s space while talking to him. It is considered disrespectful to question another inmate about his past or his crime. Do not look into other inmates’ cells and never even joke about touching another inmate’s food. If you are disrespectful to another inmate, you will face retribution.


  1. All fees are paid in advance and are non-refundable. For additional information, hourly rate, and consulting packages, contact Prison Consultant at [email protected].

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