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Guilty of Escape?



Our usual posts have focused on the many problems of our prisons and jails in the United States. On a lighter note, there was a news story in Australia about five inmates incarcerated in the Berrimah jail. The five men would jump the fence in their work release center and meet friends on the outside for an alcohol party. Once they achieved their goal of intoxication, all five were always back in jail before the 7 P.M. head count. In addition to the booze, the five inmates would bring back cell phones.

All was going well until the merry five were found arguing about the ownership of a cell phone. A stringent search of the facilities found alcohol, cell phones and chargers, rolling papers, and a substance said to be marijuana.

The five inmates were transferred to the maximum security section of the Berrimah jail. The Department of Correctional Services stated that the police would make the final decision as to whether the inmates should be charged with escaping.

Aside from the obvious violations for contraband, should the merry five be charged with escaping from the Berrimah Jail. In their favor, the five inmates always returned home every night.

By Bradley Schwartz
Founder of