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“To Prison For Pregnancy”



pregnancy in prison

In the spirit of the Golden Globe Awards, PrisonPath has focused on Brave New Films, a non-profit and non partisan organization. Brave New Films, through videos, has highlighted social issues that are often overlooked by many Americans. Their latest video revealed that many of our states are using laws (feticide laws) that were legislated to protect pregnant women from assault to actually incarcerating pregnant women.

Pregnant women who had or have addiction issues are being locked up instead of receiving appropriate medical care for their addiction and their pregnancy. One sad case in the video involved a pregnant woman in Wisconsin who informed her physician that she had a prior problem with Percocet, but was no longer addicted. The doctor reported her to the police. She was arrested and locked up. Although her multiple drug tests were negative, in order to avoid further jail, she agreed to remain in a drug addiction center for months. Because of this involuntary commitment, she lost her job.

Individuals who try to commit suicide are not charged with a crime, but severely depressed pregnant women are charged and imprisoned for trying to commit suicide.

The majority of the pregnant women who are charged are poor women of color. Although this video is not a Golden Globe or Oscar nominated, everyone should watch it.

The link to this important video–“To Prison For Pregnancy.”

By:Bradley Schwartz
Founder of