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OJ Simpson, Aaron Hernandez, Teresa Juidice & Prison Etiquette!





Yes, even in prison, there are rules of etiquette which apply to all inmates, including OJ Simpson, Aaron Hernandez, and Teresa, Juidice. The rules for prison culture may vary somewhat from the outside world, but the punishment for any violations of prison etiquette  are far more severe.

Radar Online has reported that skinhead Travis Waugh attacked OJ, but correctional officers rescued Mr. Simpson. OJ Simpson would not wait in line for his medications and cut ahead of the other inmates standing in line. The skinhead took exception to this  violation of  prison culture by venting very strongly and OJ  responded by spitting on Mr. Waugh. This response clearly upset Mr.Waugh. He slammed OJ against a wall. The correctional officers stopped Mr. Waugh from going any further. OJ after the attack, remained in his prison cell even for meals, until Travis Waugh was transferred to another prison.

In the outside world, it is obviously rude to cut in front of others waiting in line. Inmates have their own culture and rules. You do not disrespect other inmates by cutting  in any line. By doing so, you will risk a confrontation. OJ Simpson went one step further by spitting on the other inmate. After the incident was over, Mr. Waugh warned OJ that he was a dead man. This statement by the skinhead was not an idle threat. OJ had shown complete disrespect for Waugh and OJ faced retribution. The prison authorities recognized the situation and transferred Mr. Waugh to another prison.

Teresa Juidice is presently incarcerated in Danbury prison. There are reports that Teresa is receiving and expecting special treatment because of her star status. Although there were no jobs available in the kitchen, Mrs. Juidice was given a kitchen job. She eats lunch and dinner before the main line of inmates–waiting for their meals. Again, we have a celebrity inmate cutting in line. It has been reported that many inmates resent the special treatment given to Mrs. Juidice. She maybe enjoying special favors now, but Teresa will need to watch her back for violating the rules of prison culture.

Aaron Hernandez was sentenced yesterday to life in prison without parole. If Mr. Hernandez decides to act like our other famous football star, OJ Simpson, he will certainly learn quickly that star status in the outside world does not impress most inmates. In fact, if Hernandez, ignores the rules of prison etiquette, he will face certainly retaliation from other inmates.

After being in prison for eight years, OJ should have realized that Star status in the outside world is not an exemption from inmate culture. Teresa Juidice and Aaron Hernadez will need to learn this basic lesson ASAP.

By: Bradley Schwartz
Founder of

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