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Baltimore City Scandal Continues: Guards, Gangs, Drugs, & Money



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Fourteen former and current prison guards were arrested last week for allegedly aiding a notorious prison gang with drug and smuggling activities. This new round of charges comes upon the arrests last spring of thirteen corrections officers and leaders of the Black Guerrilla Family at the Baltimore City Detention Center and Central Booking and Intake Center. Tavon White, a leader of the Black Guerrilla Family, impregnated four correctional officers. An investigation had revealed certain female guards had smuggled cell phones, drugs,  and provided sex to members of the BGF gang in return for expensive gifts such as cars and jewellery. So far, nine corrections officers charged in the initial indictment and the ringleader, Tavon White, have pleaded guilty to the criminal charges.

The newest indictment revealed not only details of criminal conspiracies, but of the close relationships between gang members and correctional guards. One female officer lived with a gang member–former inmate. The inmates were given advanced notice about planned searches. Indicted corrections officers allegedly looked away when gang members attacked non-gang inmates.

Inmates, suppliers, and detention center employees were also charged in the new indictment. Six current civilian employees have been placed on administrative leave without pay.

Corrections officers were allegedly smuggling cellphones inside sub sandwiches and drugs in their underwear. Officers were earning illegally thousands of dollars each week. The indictments last spring revealed that certain female guards had received cars and jewelry.

On a personal note, part of my state prison sentence included two weeks at the Baltimore state assessment facility. On my tier, there were incidents of obvious fraternization between female officers and inmates. Late at night, more than once, I observed a female guard taking an inmate from his cell to a room at the end of the lower tier next to my cell.

The extensive searches of inmates after visits should be applied to the guards entering the prisons and jails as well. All of the new charges and past guilty pleas by corrections officers have confirmed that the weak link in prison security was not the inmates, but rather the guards of the prison security themselves.

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more corrections officers charged in Baltimore corruption probe involving jail gang:


Oh Jee that sounds like a charming place! Anybody knows what is the policy re the recruitment and training of these guards?


This story is unbelievable … all the guards/officers have relinquished their power and authority to inmates.


I can’t comment on the US prsion system but here it leaves much to be desired, people who are supposed to be seving life sentances are realeased after so many years and many commit crimes as soon as they’re out, many are murder, if a person is given a life sentance because they have murdered someone life should mean life, but that’s only my opinion,Have a lovely day,Yvonne,

Terri LeClercq

Why did it take so long for Authorities to notice all this? Tavon White impregnated FOUR guards and no one noticed? Really? This is only the indictment. Please keep us informed as the case moves forward.

Rev. Shalom

There you are,even the corrections officers are turned into drug traffickers.It is because those gang leaders have a lot of money and they have now enrolled the corrections officers on their pay rolls.That is dangerous trend which we must first of all for God’s intervention and secondly,put tough laws in place for those working in the correctional centres,accompanied with good pay/wages.


[…] “Baltimore City Scandal Continues: Guards, Gangs, Drugs, & Money,” reported about an  an investigation which revealed that female correctional officers had smuggled phones, drugs,  and provided sex to members of the BGF gang in return for expensive gifts such as cars and jewelry. So far, nine corrections officers, female and male, charged in the initial indictment and the ringleader, Tavon White, have pleaded guilty to the criminal charges. Again, there were neighborhood ties between the correctional officers and the inmates. […]