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Hurricane Harvey:Texas Prisons Evacuated



Photo–NBC News

Photo-Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Hurricane Harvey has devastated the Houston area. Because of the historic flooding, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice started evacuating inmates from five prisons. Approximately 6,000 inmates were transferred by buses this past weekend. The five prisons were the Terrell, Stringfellow and Ramsey prisons in Brazoria County. The other two facilities were the Vance and Jester 3 prisons in the Houston suburb of Richmond.

All five prisons are located near the Brazos River and hold only male inmates. As the water level kept increasing, the decision was made by the TDCJ to evacuate the affected prisons.

Inmates were taken to prisons that had available space (i.e. gyms). Additional mattresses, food, and water were delivered to the facilities accepting the evacuees.

Inmate’s family members may contact the department’s 24-hour hotline to obtain information about their relatives at 936-437-4927 or 844-476-1289.

By: Bradley Schwartz
Founder of
Prison Consultant

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