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How to Find a Criminal Defense Attorney in Michigan



how to find an attorney

There are ads for criminal lawyers on buses, taxis, in newspapers, and on the internet. Your husband has been arrested. He is locked up in the local jail. The charge is driving under the influence, or theft, or even assault. All you know at that point–your husband needs a criminal defense lawyer. It is important to know that he needs not just any attorney, but a lawyer who concentrates on criminal cases. You would never want your internist to do your heart surgery and you definitely do not want an attorney who represented one criminal defendant last year to represent your loved one. Below are some helpful tips.

General Tips for Finding a Criminal Defense Attorney:

1. Many fine criminal defense attorneys advertise on the internet.

2. You can ask a friend or co-worker who used the services of a criminal defense lawyer in the past for a recommendation.

3. Ask an attorney friend, who would he pick to be his lawyer in a criminal case.

4. Many Bar Associations have lawyer referral services. The attorneys are designated by categories. The lawyers pay to be listed.

5. There are also private lawyer referral services. The attorneys are designated by categories and the lawyers pay to be listed.

General Tips for Choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney:

1. Check the lawyer’s website for the areas of law handled by the attorney. Does the attorney concentrate in criminal law or does he handle many different legal areas.

2. Beware of lawyers who guarantee results. It is improper for an attorney to make such a promise and common sense dictates that the only guarantees in life are death and taxes.

3. Interview several attorneys. Inquire how many criminal jury trials and criminal non-jury trials has he or she tried. Find out if the attorney has tried criminal cases in your jurisdiction.

4. Check your state bar website to see if the attorney is certified as a criminal law specialist in your jurisdiction. Some states do not certify attorneys as specialists.

5. Depending on income requirements, your family member may qualify for a public defender. There are many excellent public defenders, but keep in mind that many have heavy case loads.

6. Discuss fees with the attorney. Attorneys cannot charge contingency fees in criminal cases. Find out the attorney’s hourly rate or will the fee be a flat charge. The retainer agreement should always be in writing– not verbal.

7. Talk to the attorney during the interview and see if you are comfortable with him or her. Does the attorney actually listen to you.

There are many factors to consider when finding and selecting a criminal lawyer. The above are a few of the considerations that are important to this major  decision.

More information about Michigan:

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1. Michigan has 2 federal prisons.
2. Michigan has 37 state prisons.
3. Michigan has 140 county local jails and prisons
4. Michigan has approximately 44,000 inmates in state prisons.
5. Michigan has thousands of other residents locked up in local jails.

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