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Drug Treatment: Before the Court Date




Many defendants are charged with drug offenses and/or charged with crimes arising from their addictions. It is certainly helpful for any defendant facing court to confront his or her addiction. In all likelihood, the addiction caused or contributed to the defendant’s legal issues. If the defendant is sentenced to jail or prison, there will be the temptation of drugs or alcohol in prison.

Drugs and alcohol are illegal in prisons and jails, but that fact does not prevent the availability of drugs and alcohol. The drugs are smuggled in various ways. Sometimes, the drugs are smuggled with the help of guards and civilian employees. In 2013-14, more than 25 Baltimore correctional officers were charged with smuggling drugs and cell phones into Baltimore’s jails-prisons for the notorious gang—the Black Guerrilla Family.

If you do not take appropriate steps to face and control your addiction before prison, You will be overwhelmed in prison. Prisons run random drug tests. A positive test for drugs will affect your sentence. If you fall behind in your debt with your inmate drug dealer, you have a good chance of being hurt or worse.

Without any doubt, finding help with the appropriate drug treatment center before your court date shall help with your recovery. The decision to end your drug abuse can only help at your sentencing. It is important to discuss all of these issues with your attorney.

Drug treatment centers can offer inpatient and/or outpatient addiction care. There are many roads to recovery with a variety of options. It is important to choose the right drug treatment center for your personal circumstances.

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