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Amanda Knox’s Italian Prison Life



Sexual harassment and sexual violence has always been part of prison life for female inmates and male inmates. The sexual preying can come from the guards or inmates.  There were numerous articles written about the sexual harassment suffered by Amanda Knox. The world pretended shock at such terrible news, but will quickly and quietly forget what prison is like for many inmates  not only in Italy and the United States, but prisons everywhere. As reported in one article, “Who Watches The Watchmen” , inmates at the notorious women’s prison in Alabama are constantly under threat of sexual attacks. Male inmates face the same threats of sexual violence from their fellow inmates. The Federal Bureau of Prisons has estimated that 12-14 percent of inmates have been sexually assaulted. The sexual harassment of Amanda Knox is not acceptable, but she was lucky that the actions by the officers did not go beyond words.

Amanda Knox Was Sexually Harassed By Prison Officials And Told She Was HIV Positive

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How horrible!

More details are coming out about Amanda Knox‘s time behind bars in an Italian prison.

The American exchange student claims she was subjected to numerous disturbing incidents at the prison in Capanne, Italy.

On one occasion, a male guard entered her cell alone and made sexual remarks to her. And in another incident, she was called in for a late night meeting with a high-ranking official where he did nothing but speak about sex with her.

She was even asked to compose a list of all the sexual partners she had (which ws later leaked to the media and published) and shockingly, was falsely told that she was HIV positive by prison authorities!!

How terrible.

During that time, she wrote in her diary:

“Please oh please, let it not be true. I don’t want to die.”

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