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Teresa Juidice’s First Day in Prison







Yesterday, Teresa Juidice started day one of her fifteen month sentence. Based on my personal experience, she will be shell shocked. Her clothes will be exchanged for the standard prison uniform that all inmates wear everyday. She will be strip searched for drugs and any weapons. Teresa will begin her immersion process into a different world.

Jiudice is now imprisoned at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut. This prison is a minimum security prison for women. It has become well known as the prison that inspired the highly successful, Netflix series, Orange is the New Black. The hit show is based on the memoir by Piper Kerman.

Although the prison is a minimum security facility, it is still a prison. Teresa has started to meet the residents of her new world which is inhabited by inmates and correctional officers. It will be best for her to be friendly, but very cautious for obvious reasons. The other inmates and correctional officers are not her friends. Although the violence factor that exists in male prisons is not common in the women’s institutions, some inmates and guards will have agendas that will not be in her best interests.

Teresa will learn immediately that she will be known to most inmates, but she is not a celebrity reality show star anymore. She is the same as every other inmate in the prison. She will eat the same food, wear the same clothes, and shower with other inmates. As all inmates, Teresa Juidice will have to follow the orders of the correctional officers, even if the commands do not make any sense.

The reality of her new world will have its heaviest impact during her first night, when the doors are locked, and she is no longer with her family. She will lay in her bunk, hearing the noises of her unit, thinking about the road that she chose to travel to this destination.

By: Bradley Schwartz
Founder of

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good luck to her


Wish her well