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What Can Teresa Juidice Bring to Federal Prison?



What is prison like

Almost all defendants, unlike Teresa and Joe Juidice, do not have the luxury of a delayed self-surrender to prison or jail. Teresa Juidice reports to federal prison in January of 2015. The delayed check-in does not really affect what she can bring to prison, but the late surrender can be very important since it will allow Teresa time to put her personal affairs in order. the delay will allow her family to prepare for the future which should include a reasonable family budget and affordable housing. Teresa and Joe should see their doctors and dentists for complete examinations before incarceration.

It is highly recommended to the Juidices to have any diagnostic testing and any surgeries completed before their incarceration. The prisons and their healthcare providers are very reluctant to order expensive medical tests for inmates no matter what the circumstances. All dental care including cleaning, capping, root canals, and replacement of dentures should be scheduled before prison. Prison health care in prisons ranges from very bad to fair.

Teresa Juidice can bring only the following to prison:

1. Wedding Ring–We do not recommend that you do so. If it’s expensive, the other inmates will notice the ring and keep it in mind. If Teresa really wants a wedding ring in prison, she should bring a cheap ring. She should also bring a cheap wrist watch.

2. Eye Glasses–Take two pairs of your eye glasses with you to prison. In federal prisons, it can take up to five months to order or replace broken eye glasses.

3. Medications–The correctional officers will confiscate her medications. Teresa should bring her medical records to document her medications. The medical records will help expedite her prescriptions from the prison doctors.

4. Money–Teresa can bring money to check-in at a federal prison. It is unusual for the officers to take away money at a self-surrender. In order to avoid this small risk, Teresa can open a prison account before going to prison. If she can, Teresa should have at least $500 deposited into her prison account. Commissary items are very expensive.

5. Address book–Teresa will not be allowed to bring her address book to prison. She will have to memorize all the important telephone numbers and mailing addresses. An easy solution for this problem,, Teresa can prepare a complete list of telephone numbers and addresses and have it mailed to her in prison.

6. Clothing–Teresa should not dress up for prison. We highly recommend wearing a sweat suit and tennis sneakers to her prison check-in since she will be given a prison uniform. If she is very lucky, Teresa will be able to keep her sneakers.

This list will prepare Teresa and Joe Juidice for their first day of prison life.

By Bradley D. Schwartz
Founder of

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Sue Ellen Allen

All these are excellent suggestions. I would add if she wears contacts, I don’t know if the feds allow them. Some state prisons do and some don’t. To find out what it’s like day to day, she should read my memoir, The Slumber Party from Hell, and Piper’s Orange is the New Black. They are really the only two that accurately describe what it’s like.