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The Damage of Online Arrest Logs & Mugshots



CBCnews-Calgary 1917 Mugshot

For every arrest today in the United States, there are between 5-75 online publications that display arrest details including the mugshot. Arrest records are distributed now online more than ever before.

When you are arrested today, you not only have to worry about DMV records and court records, you are now concerned about web sites that are making money by publishing arrest records and mugshots. The publication of an arrest record and mugshot online has a negative impact on an individual’s economic and social standing. Keep in mind, that we are not discussing a conviction, but just the arrest record and mugshot.

The above 1917 arrest mugshot would only have been accessible in 1917, if you had a copy of the local Calgary newspaper or you went to the courthouse in Calgary. Today, a prospective employer, lender, or landlord anywhere in the world has access to any and all arrest information by accessing the internet. Although employers are not supposed to use arrest information in deciding about hiring, the reality is many of them do so. A landlord can unfairly deny a rental application based on an arrest record obtained from the internet.

There are companies that can help clear your online reputation.

By: Bradley Schwartz
Founder of

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