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Recidivism In Delaware: 8 in 10 Released Inmates Back in Prison



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Why is Delaware so shocked about their high recidivism rate? Two past national reports revealed that two-thirds of the inmates in their studies were rearrested within three years of their release from incarceration. It is recognized that recidivism varies from state to state, but nationally the high recidivism rate from the two studies has not changed much. Delaware’s recidivism rate is higher than the national rate, but many of the state’s recidivism rates are disgraceful. The Delaware study was conducted in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the state’s correctional system. The Delaware study included the programs available to prisoners while incarcerated and programs available to inmates after their release from prison.

As a former inmate, I can state that the problem is not “Rocket Science.” The programs in many prisons are inadequate. The support to released inmates is abysmal. A number of states have recognized the problem and the solutions. Michigan and Kansas have experienced lower recidivism rates after focusing on Re-entry for former inmates. Money was allocated for local housing and even to subsidize jobs.

As for programs in prison for inmates, so much more can be done to prepare inmates for a successful Re-entry. Unfortunately, many of our prisons lack any effective rehabilitation programs that would lead to employment for released inmates. Do we really think inmates picking up garbage on highways will lead to their future employment. My pre-release unit did not have any program to teach inmates how to find a job or how to interview for a job. Another inmate, a successful businessman, with my help, created a simple program to help inmates find employment. We volunteered to teach small classes for no extra credit or pay. The program was praised, but died a slow administrative death. The program was never implemented, despite the demand from other inmates for education about finding employment and interviewing for a job.

Delaware can save their money trying to analyze the causes and the solutions for the State’s record recidivism rate. Delaware should focus on three solutions. First, the prisons should provide effective programs that will lead to employment for inmates upon their release. Second, the state should work with the local community to provide decent housing for former inmates. Third, the state should help provide jobs by subsidizing employment for former inmates. The cost for the solutions is small in comparison to the high price of crime and the continual damage to our society.

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Rev. Shalom M.N.

Then they should address the reason why this is so by creating the appropriate strategies,to address this recidivism challenge, both from the inside of the prison and outside.Our organization developed a program called Tackling Crime and Violence Youth preventive program.I refer you to my profile and request you to click on it and read through that presentation made by one of Youth coordinator and it was designed to break the cycle of going in and out of Prison


Only way for them to stay out is if they are willing to live like God wants them to.


Are you able to give us a reference for the Delaware prison study please.


The following is the link to the study–
July 2013
Delaware Criminal Justice Council
Statistical Analysis Center


Did they have the support in the Community? Housing..job/Voluntary work..Mentor all this matters when you are released from prison

Michelle Toste

I have a son in Washington State who recently relapsed (he said too much pressure on the outside/unsupportive parole officer…but he knows it was his own choice that landed him back. I have heard that it is “about money,” …that they receive an allotted amount per inmate, and want them to return. Any ideas on this?


[…] cent recidivism rate, but that is really not saying much. Last week, PrisonPath discussed in “Recidivism In Delaware: 8 in 10 Released Inmates Back in Prison,” what Delaware should do to reduce their atrocious high rate of recidivism. First, the […]

Marcus G. Hill

It’s vital that we understand, “You can’t put a band aid on a heart condition–it’s only a band aid. Eventually it will fall off and one will still be left with the same heart condition.

The way to fix the heart, thereby providing a long term solution to recidivism is through programs that teach character and self-worth. Once a person is empowered to see themselves differently, then they will do different things; things that will not only empower them to stay out of prison but to be successful in life.

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