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Care Packages or Holiday Gifts for Inmates



Many families and friends want to send care packages or gift items to their loved one in prison. Before you do so, it is important to check the prison’s regulations before sending any item to an inmate. If your package violates the prison’s rules, the prohibited items or the entire package will not reach the inmate. The rules can vary from state to state and even vary from prison to prison within a prison system. Few families know what items are prohibited by the prison. All packages are searched by the correctional officers for contraband. It is important for you to check the rules and regulations of the prison. You should buy from a company that has experience delivering packages or gifts to inmates.

Sample Items Usually Accepted:

1. Magazines – All inmates, whether they enjoy reading or not, are happy to receive magazines. Since any inmate’s space is very limited, magazines are easy to keep. It is recommended that you do not purchase a subscription, but rather that you send single magazines. You can keep your cost down by sending one or more to your loved one. You can also send a variety of magazines to your inmate. specializes in the sale and shipping of single magazines to prisons and jails through out the United States.

1. Books – Almost all prisons will only accept books directly delivered from the publishers or from retailers such as Barnes and Nobles, Amazon, etc.

2. Photos – Inmates love photos from their families as they reinforce the connection to home.

3. Puzzles, Calendars, Greeting cards, & Games – Inmates want to be remembered and have gifts that will occupy their time.

There are other items that will be accepted by the prison, but you need to always check the prison’s web site or call the facility in order to avoid any problems. The majority of prisons will not accept food items. The food can easily contain contraband. In addition, most prisons have commissary stores that sell food to the inmates for profit. Jewelry will not usually be accepted since jewelry has metal and can be altered into weapons. You may wonder why certain items are prohibited, but know that prohibited items have been altered into or used to make weapons.

There are companies that sell and specialize in the delivery of gift items and care packages to inmates.

Again, check all the rules about care packages on the prison’s web site or call directly the facility with any questions. A few minutes of research will avoid hours of frustration and result in a successfully delivered care package or gift to your inmate.

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