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Sussex II State Prison

24427 Mussellwhite Dr
Male prison
(804) 834-2678
Opened in 1999
Prison Description

Sussex II State Prison is a prison of the Virginia Department of Corrections located in unincorporated Sussex County, Virginia, near Waverly. It is adjacent to Sussex I State Prison, which lies to its southeast, just across Mussellwhite Drive. 

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Debbie Gilliam

I am planning a visit to your facility to see Tommy Vozakis and wanted to know what to do before we come….forms, dates of visit, his inmate number, etc…if you could provide this info..
Thank you

BryAnna Dieterich-Dorsey

I am planning to visit Daniel, I sent in my visitors application on October 19, 2016. As of today January 18, 2017. I still not have heard if I was approved to visit. Since I will be flying in to visit, as I live in Texas, I was wanting to make sure of my approval prior to purchasing my airline ticket. Please if you could assist I would be so great full or direct me in the correct direction. Thank you for your time.


Hi BryAnna,
I would not purchase your airline ticket, until your visitation status is confirmed. In light of your long delay regarding a response, we recommend contacting the prison chaplain for assistance. Often, a prison chaplain can cut through the red tape. Our site is a private information site and we are not part of or affiliated with any jail or prison.