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Nottoway Correctional Center (male institution)

2892 Schutt Rd
Male prison
(434) 767-5543
Opened in 1984
Prison Description

Nottoway Correctional Center is an all-male state prison in Burkeville, Nottoway County, Virginia, USA. A low-security work center is on the same site. Nottoway, as a Level 3 security facility, has inmates serving long term sentences, including single, multiple, and life sentences.

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Margaret E. Price
Margaret E. Price

I plan on visiting my grandson, Travis this coming Saturday. Could you check to make sure that my visiting has been approved. I don’t ever remember getting a response to my visitor’s form I filled out. Thank you. My phone number is 1-540-337-1341


Hi Margaret,
I recommend that you contact the facility directly about your visitation approval. Call 434) 767-5543. We are not part of the facility. Our site provides basic information about every jail-prison in the United States.