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Green Rock Correctional Center

1704 Beverly Heights Rd
Male prison
(434) 797-2000
Opened in N/A
Prison Description

Green Rock Correctional Center can house over 1,038 adult male inmates. The facility is secured by multiple security fences, and over 171 security cameras.

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LaToya Kasey

How do I put money on an inmate’s account that’s in GreenRock Correctional?

latoya streater

Hi im trying to find out what day my brothers visitation day is on his name is dewight Streater please let me know. Thanks

Cheryl Claytor

I am the mother of Nathaniel Jaune Ames and i want to come and visit him tomorrow, i think he told me the odd dates, so tomorrow the 21 is a odd date, what time does visitation start, please get back with me asap or i will try and call tomorrow before i leave, this will be my first trip down, thanks Cheryl Claytor

Peggy Brown

I need confirmation on how many pages I can mail in a letter. I have my nieces book to mail to an inmate. How many letter pages can i put in one envelope and does it matter how many envelopes are mailed in a day as long as they are separate with 6 sheets of paper in each.Thank you in advance. Also as for pictures how many 4×6 photos can be mailed?


Can you fill out a background form at Green Rock on the same day you plan to visit? If so Will I be able to see the Immate on the same day I turn in the form?

Shannon Sarver

Hello, I want to send my husband a book about Autism from I know that i can send it to him because that is an allowed vendor and its a paperback book. I just would like to know what address do I send it to. The address of Greenrock correctional center or the P.O box address that I send letters to him? i know either way I have to include his inmate number. Thank you for any help.

mary fed

would like to set up phone calls with our son. how do i go about that?


How do i submit my application?


how can i put money on inmate account

Kelly Tutt

Could you please explain to me how I can get a phone call from my friend (Ryan Frederick #1406669).
This will be the first phone call and im not sure how to get started,as I live in the uk England.
please could you let me no the information please on here or my private email [email protected]
thank you


I am trying to send an letter how do I go about that

cynhia saunders
cynhia saunders

Hello my name is shamecca saunders and I want to know if my father can have a visit why in the hole because I’ve came all the way from New York to see my father iam upset because my father has not been in any trouble with officers in his 30 years of being incarcerated and this bothers me a lot

Alice Wray
Alice Wray

Has anyone whether staff or inmate contracted the covid 19 virus?