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Augusta Correctional Center

1821 Estaline Valley Rd
Male prison
(540) 997-7000
Opened in 1986
Prison Description

The Augusta Correctional Center is a state prison for men located near Craigsville in Augusta County, Virginia, United States. Owned and operated by the Virginia Department of Corrections, the facility opened in 1986 and has a working capacity of 1323 prisoners held at a medium security level.

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Julia Runnels

I need to know about how to set up a commissary fund for an inmate and the procedure to set up to receive calls from an inmate. My grandson is going to be transferred to your facility soon and I know every insitution has different rules. Also, what are your visitation policies? Are there any special considerations for a relative coming from a long distance away? Can I find this information on the Internet?
Thanking you in advance.

Stephanie M. Armstrong

I want to know what do I have to do to sign up to see an inmate and where do I catch the bus at? How do the bus cost?