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Mike Durfee State Prison

1412 Wood Street
South Dakota
Male prison
(605) 369-2201
Opened in 1984
Prison Description

The Mike Durfee State Prison is a South Dakota state prison for men on the campus of what was University of South Dakota at Springfield, United States.

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Sheral Taylor

Hello, My son, Brandon Taylor is one of the inmates in the Prison there. My family is wanting to come for a visit. We have a question though. Our son-in-law had been incarcerated there but is now a perfect citizen in the community and is married to our daughter and they are very happy. Dan is even a member of our church. His name is Dan McQuillen. We know of his past, BUT his life has seriously changed. His past is IN THE PAST. We would love to have him on Brandon’s visitor’s list. They have never met excerpt from… Read more »

Nicole bucklin

My nephew is an inmate and I am planning a visit around thanks giving! I personally am from Colorado! His mother and sister are from Pierre. So my questions are 1) I heard you travel a long distance you get extra time? 2) do I still get that time with my other family members their? 3) what am I allowed to bring? Thank you!

Brandi J. Black

Hello, my husband, Jason J. Black, is an inmate at MDSP. My mother-in-law (Jason’s mother) and I plan to come for a visit Nov.22nd and 23rd, along with Jason and I’s two children. We are all on the approved visitor list, but I have a couple questions. Our youngest child is 8yrs old so do we need to bring a birth certificate for him as form of ID? Also, on Saturday are we allowed to visit more than once?
Thank you,
Brandi Black


I just wondering if Gordon Bagneschi is their?! ( Y/N)

Marcia Murtha
Marcia Murtha

I have a question. Why am I not able to send a care package to a family member? I am on his visitor list and I am pretty sure he has not received a care package at this point


My Son Gordon Bagneschi is suppose to come serve 5 years at the MDSP an I was wondering if hes their?! So i can send him money their an i he would Call me(His Mom-6058588677) I would appreciate that.!!!!????