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Snake River Correctional Institution

777 Stanton Blvd.
Male prison
(541) 881-5000
Opened in 1991
Prison Description

Snake River Correctional Institution is a medium security prison in eastern Oregon, the largest facility in the Oregon Department of Corrections system. It is located in northeastern Malheur County, about five miles northwest of the city of Ontario.

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My son is in the Snake River Correctional Facility. We live in Southern California and are trying to set up a visit on 8/14 and 8/15/2013. Both my sister and I are on the visitor list, but my son’s female cousin is also coming with us and would really like to visit him as well. I thought I read somewhere that an individual could get a day pass or something like that if they passed a background check with a clean record. I was hoping someone could tell me how I could set that up. Obviously, there is not enough… Read more »


My ex husband is in here for abusing my daughters sex offenders need help befor they get help befor they get put into society since they unfortunitly end up getting out. drug dealers drug abusers and people who beat others all have classes and groups to help them but people who commit sex crimes get no help. why is that?


my uncle is there for doing horrible sexual crimes to my daughter when she was 6 why they don’t get any help I feel how can you help somebody that has a craving for a young girl like that there is no help there’s no way she fix that is their mind is always going to be there thinking about that young girl and you’re stupid to hang with your husband after he abused your your daughters that’s all I got to say