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Odom Correctional Institution

P.O. Box 36
North Carolina
Male prison
(252) 534-5611
Opened in 1961
Prison Description

In 1958, the state paid $67,500 for 2,200 acres of farm land in Northampton County across the Roanoke River from Caledonia Prison farm. The parcel of land, known locally as Odom Farm, had been owned by the Odom family for years before its sale to the state and the establishment of Odom Correctional Institution at the site in 1961.

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I was told this is a nasty prison and needs major repairs


there inmate they dont need to have what we work for everyday and they get for free for breaking the law

R. Dan Smith
R. Dan Smith

I do not know how it is, but when I was there in 1968 it was horrible. Dogs were everywhere. Get out of line and they put the dog on you. We worked the farm back then. Guards were on horses riding herd on us as we worked–with our hands–and I saw one man run and a guard shot his arm off. Literally. They sent him up to Central Prison’s hospital for a while, then they sent back with only one arm. The “hole” was a real thing. They fed us three times a day, but it was just 3… Read more »