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Wende Correctional Facility

3040 Wende Road
New York
Male prison
(716) 937-4000
Opened in 1923
Prison Description

Wende Correctional Facility is a maximum security prison located in Town of Alden in Erie County, New York, east of Buffalo. The prison is named for this region of Alden.

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I'm Scott

I was wanting to know how inmate 00b2027 Fred Preston is doing I have t heard from him in a while I was just little concerned about him I’m friend of his


My son was sent to Wende today. This is his first time in a prison facility. My understanding is that Wende is not where he will complete his sentence. This is a transitional stop for a undetermined amount of time. Can I visit my son at Wende or do I have to wait until he is transferred to his permanent facility?


how do I get underwear and socks to an inmate? if by mail I need an address. how to put money into an account?

robin muir

I want to visit Eric Rose at the Wende facility. Do I need to call ahead to set up a visiting time and may I bring a gift for Christmas?

Laura Regatuso
Laura Regatuso

I would like to know the specfic rules for non-food packages being sent into Wende Correctional Facility from home. Can I send in clothing or bedding? Can order them from a vendor and have them sent in that way? What can I take into him when I visit to leave for him?


I need closure on a situation that is affecting my mental illness and health im not sure if tbe inmate will see me, he made many promises I spent a lot of money and time and thousands of miles on my car I did a lot of taking care of his business and it damage to my body I have written him he will not return the answer to my questions this is really affecting my health I did this for 6year, I live in Ohio going back and forth for 3 of those years going back and forth to… Read more »


THANK YOU, I went to God with the situation I have peace with it, I forgiven them both. I have given it to God. THANK YOU for your TIME.


Where do I look up specific information on taking a child to visit their father in Wende? I am not his mother but she has agreed to have me take him for a visit

Michelle George
Michelle George

my son stephon fender left for up state last week i cant find him in the locater