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Albion Correctional Facility

3595 State School Rod
New York
Female prison
(585) 589-5511
Opened in 1894
Prison Description

Academic courses taught at Albion Correctional Facility include adult basic education, high school education, special education, GED programs and the can

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what can an inmate have or not have

Paul. S.

Please let me know how I can send money to my son.


Do they really check each visitor to see if they are on parole? My county says that to, but they don’t, they fill out the visit slip as long as u have proper ID.

charles f miller

I sent a friend a money order to albion correctional facility over a week ago and they say it still hasn’t gotten to the facility yet I have talked to the post office about this and have given them a copy of the money order they are running a trace on it to see if it has been cashed they said if it has been cashed they will follow up with an investigation to find out why it wasd not put into the inmates account and the person that cashed it will be prosecuted to the full extent of the… Read more »

Anita Padgett

Hello, my name is Anita . I am a Pastor. At Great Jesus Christ Missionary Church. We are a brand new church. I am looking to start a prison ministry, where I can come in and hold bible studies, and pray for the women. Can you please alert me, to whom must I contact? Thank you for your time.