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Thumb Correctional Facility (TCF)

3225 John Conley Drive
Male prison
(810) 667-2045
Opened in 1987
Prison Description

Thumb Correctional Facility (TCF) has six Level II general population housing units which include day rooms, showers, laundry facilities and staff offices. Four housing units house adult prisoners, one housing unit houses prisoners sentenced under the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act (HTYA) and one housing unit houses youthful offenders (YO).  The segregation unit is equipped with stainless steel sinks and toilets, and slotted doors for meal services.  There is an administrative building which includes staff offices, prisoner records and visiting areas. Other buildings include the education, food services, healthcare, maintenance and Michigan State Industries (MSI) buildings which provides industrial laundry services for state and other nonprofit agencies.  Prisoners are provided with on-site medical care, including x-ray, dental and mental health services.  Referrals are made to outside medical facilities when necessary. 

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amanda bixby

Hi, my name is Amanda Bixby. I just need to know what are your visitation rules? thank you for your time amanda

toni robino

how do I get a visitors form to fill out?


can you bring your phone or can we take picture how nuch it cost 2 take a picture with the inmate

EM Lyons

I would like to know what it the Facility protocol for inmate/staff bullying and/or being targeted? Also, what is the chain of command as far as making I. House staff or should all concerns be directed to Lansing? Also, can a inmate request to be placed in “lock down” The Hole for the last end of his stay to afford being a target? Thanks for your time


trying to click on the link for application form CAJ 103 for an application and it would not let me, how can I get an application