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Detroit Detention Center (DDC)

17601 Mound Road
Coed prison
(313) 368-8300
Opened in 2013
Prison Description

The Detroit Detention Center currently uses two of the buildings located on the premises. Building 100 is used as the Administrative Building for DDC administrative staff and Building 500 is used for holding detainees. Building 100 is also used by the Detroit Police Department for initial arrestee intake, suspect interviews, line-ups, and other detective duties. Department policies that apply to prisoners do not apply to the detainees at the DDC. However, Department policies which govern personnel matters, custody and security measures, use of force, physical plant requirements, and other non-prisoner related matters apply unless specifically exempted by the CFA Deputy Director or designee. The detainees at the DDC are booked, and fingerprinted by MDOC employees and are arraigned by either the 36th District Court or the 34th District Court.

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Patra hill
Patra hill

How can I find out inmate number and how can I reach a inmate and the lawyer and Detective on the case

Upset mother
Upset mother

A inmate that went to court Tuesday morning and was set a bond should not still be in the facility on Friday waiting for the information to upload on their system! Someone isn’t doing their job.. Get it together DPD!!!