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Carson City Correctional Facility (DRF)

10274 Boyer Road
Male prison
(989) 584-3941
Carson City
Opened in 1989
Prison Description

The Carson City Correctional Facility consists of sixteen housing units; one Level I unit  with 120 beds and eight Level I units with 1,280 beds, three Level II units with 720 beds; two Level IV units with 384 beds, and a 22-bed temporary segregation unit. All units, except temporary segregation, are double bunked.

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Fr. Dusan Koprivica

Question: I am a clergy, and I am planning on visiting an inmate tomorrow, Fri December 28, What is a appropriate time to visit in the morning? I am also registered as a clergy at the Jackson Correctional system,do mI need to bring any documentation (other than a drivers licence) indicating I am clergy? If you can answer these questions by today that would be great. Thank you.

Susan J Burns

My son was moved to your Prison and I am not sure how to go about visits or if I am on that list that was mentioned. I know that the last one in Manistee I was able to when I got the form filled out. Well do to the lack of my Drivers Licenses till recently I was unable to . My question is how do I find out if I am and would like additional info. such as hours and days that visits take place. And do I have to still fill the above mentioned form out ?… Read more »

Joyce Gryka

My brother James L. Moulter was transferred to Carson City Correctional Facility at 10274 Boyer rd.
I visited him when he was at Ionia Prision can I still visit him at Carson City Prision. I need information on Visting Days and times, anything on how to visit prisioner.
Thanks, Joyce Gryka

ms. henry

My son is new to the facility and I would like to come visit but I have a few questions. First off I’m on the visiting list of my cousin in Marquette do I need to be removed, if so how do I do it? Second question is my son has a one yr old daughter and an 16yr old brother that wants to visit him how do I go about getting them on his list?

Monique Braxton

My brother was recently transferred to your institution, my question concerns sending funds to his account, is it allowed, how to send it, where to send it, and maximum amounts allowed to send.

Pam, Campbell

Hi. can someone please tell me where to send my visitor’s application

Monisha Jefferson
Monisha Jefferson

Hi, My son’s father was just transferred to this facility. I have a daughter that isn’t biologically his but he’s the only father she knows and he would like for her to come visit as well. My question is will she be able to visit along with her brothers and I?