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Central Maryland Correctional Facility

7301 Buttercup Road
Male prison
(410) 781-4444
Opened in 1960
Prison Description

Central Maryland Correctional Facility is a minimum security institution that houses over 495 adult male inmates. On average, offenders stay at this prison about 18 months. nmates at Central Maryland Correctional Facility can participate in many programs while incarcerated. One of the programs allows the inmates to work with retired horses, another program provides industrial cleaning supplies for many institutions.

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Located on facility homepage.

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Why do inmates get transfer to this prison if they have already been sentence at another prison. Does it has anything to do with 8threats, behavior or unavailable space.


Hi Mary,
Inmates are transferred all the time from one prison to another prison for various reasons. The reasons can consist of security status change, overcrowding at one prison, for varied reasons.

Daniel Manoff
Daniel Manoff

This facility is a horrible excuse within the system. The in house management team is indifferent and must be held accountable to the standards of the DOC/DPSCS. The problem is in the DOC/DPSCS system there is no incentive to do a “good job”..unlike private industry…most not all personel are indifferent and just do their shift, get paid and roll out. This facility lacks programs for the men who are in need of resources and help and instead get nothing or worse lied to and ignored. This place is violent and is a very poor excuse for what should be “CORRECTIONS”… Read more »