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Winfield Correctional Facility

1806 Pinecrest Circle
Male prison
(620) 221-6660
Opened in 1984
Prison Description

Winfield Correctional Facility's (WCF) capacity is 554 minimum-security adult male inmates. Capacity at Wichita Work Release Facility (WWRF) is 250 adult male inmates. WCF serves a re-entry function designed to provide a smooth transition from an institutional setting to the community for inmates expected to be paroled in the near future.

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is there any type of form i can print off online for winfield correctional facility visitation?

Zora Vuceta
Zora Vuceta

I tray to call 1877618 3516 nobody answer so long time!


Unfortunately, many jails and prisons are not known for answering calls promptly.

Teresa Kent

Are we allowed to bring in food bought from a restaurant to my son who is an inmate?

Chris Meyer
Chris Meyer

Hi my name is Chris,my friend Dale Ewing is an inmate there, I would like to send him a birthday card, how do I go about doing that. Thank You.


Hi Chris, The Kansas Department of Corrections will not accept any item mailed into a correctional facility other than letters or photographs. Inmates may purchase postage only through their facility’s canteen. The Department does not allow an inmate to receive stamps. Please note that any incoming or outgoing mail other than legal, official or privileged mail may be inspected or read at any time in accordance with KAR 44-12-601. Incoming inmate mail should be addressed as follows: Envelope for Inmate Communications Remember to include the inmate’s KDOC registration number with the inmate’s full name in the address of the correspondence… Read more »