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North Idaho Correctional Institution

236 Radar Rd
Male prison
(208) 962-3276
Opened in 1974
Prison Description

NICI is a former military radar station north of the small town of Cottonwood. This facility is a program-specific prison with an operating capacity of 414 male inmates. NICI primarily houses inmates sentenced under a retained jurisdiction sentence. Retained jurisdiction provides a sentencing alternative for courts to target offenders who might, after a period of programming and evaluation, be viable candidates for probation rather than incarceration.

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Maureen Adams
Maureen Adams

Hi, I was writing to Johnny Johnson when he was in Wallace, Id. and he told me he would soon be sent to Cottonwood. I have a grandson Johnny’s age and I felt compelled to become Johnny’s pen pal and encourage him to get his GED and any other education he could while incarcerated. I was enclosing stamped self addressed envelopes in the cards and letters I sent him. He said they were encouraging to him. Since I haven’t heard from him since I figured he didn’t have any more of those envelopes left with my address. Could you please… Read more »