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Avon Park Correctional Institution

8100 Highway 64 East
Male prison
(863) 452-8801
Avon Park
Opened in 1957
Prison Description

The Avon Park Correctional Institution is a state prison for men located in Avon Park, Florida, owned and operated by the Florida Department of Corrections. This facility has a mix of security levels, including minimum, medium, and close, and houses adult male offenders. The institution has educational and vocational programs for eligible inmates, including GED, substance abuse programs, and re-entry programs.

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Samantha Alexander Leverington

Does Avon Park Correctional Institution allow conjugal visits?


Hi Samantha, We did not find any information that conjugal visits are allowed. Please note the following information and you should call the facility for confirmation. The Department of Corrections encourages visitation between inmates and their loved ones. We recognize the importance of the continuation of family relationships during incarceration. Visitor applications will not be distributed at the reception centers. Inmates will be given up to fifteen copies once they reach their permanent location. Inmates are responsible for sending visitor applications to those family and friends they wish to be considered for placement on their visiting list. The completed visitor… Read more »

edith aardsma

Where would I get a DC6-111A appliction from?


Hi Edith,
For information, click this link.

Edith Dejesus

I just turned 18 yesterday, I’m planning to visit someone in prison saturday, do I still have to fill out a visitor form?


Hi Edith,
Please note Rule no. 4. If you had a visitor form while you were a minor, we recommend contacting the prison to confirm your visitation status.
4. What are the Visitation Rules?
Can I just show up at the institution to visit an inmate?
No. You must fill out a visiting application and wait for the inmate to notify you.

Susanne Morris

I have 2 questions:
What is the dress code?
If I was an approved visitor in another Correctional Institution, does that visitor application moved with my son to this facility?3H4A


Hi Susanne,
For information about visitation at Avon Park Correctional Institution, click this link.
For information about prison life, click this link.


Good morning,
I need to know how to contact the chaplain in this facility, what number should I call?


Hi Jackson,
Try the main number—(863) 453-3174, and request the prison chaplain.