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Colorado State Penitentiary

E. US Highway 50 Evans Blvd
N/A prison
(719) 269-5120
Canon City
Opened in 1993
Prison Description

Colorado State Penitentiary (CSP) today houses some of Colorado's most dangerous, most violent and most disruptive prisoners. It also houses the Lethal Injection Chamber, although the prisoners who were sentenced to death are currently housed at Sterling Correctional Facility. All inmates at Colorado State Penitentiary are under solitary confinement, officially termed Administrative Segregation (AdSeg). AdSeg inmates are all held in solitary cells on 23-hour lockdown for their entire sentence. However, CSP was expected to begin housing a small number of high security inmates in 2012. Solitary Confinement is not allowed anymore. CSP allows offenders out of their cells and they actually get yard time as well.

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Kerry Lynn Else

Not sure where this is suppose to go, but my friend Curtis fredrick Heitzman #44582 is in the Colorado State Penatentuary and I answered the question Have I ever been arrested with a no. The answer should be yes. When I am not sure of it was several years ago. I was however, recently arrested in Lamar County. That is new since I placed application for visiting. Please contact me at 720-999-0612 with ny new updates as to my statis for visitation to this man. Thank you

Mary Ann Bogner

I have not been able to visit my son due to health issue for awhile.
I would like to come down in May and wondered if I have to fill out a whole new form.
#126693 – Shaun T Bogner
the only thing that has changed is address and I got a new car.
Thanks, Mary Ann Bogner

Gina Salas
Gina Salas

What does non contact visits mean? do you visit via skyp???