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Centennial Correctional Facility

E. US Highway 50 Evans Blvd
N/A prison
(719) 269-4810
Canon City
Opened in 1980
Prison Description

Centennial Correctional Facility is located in the East Canon complex in Fremont County, just east of Canon City, Colorado. CCF consists of two separate buildings, North and South. The South facility, opened in 2011, is a Level V maximum security facility.

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Tanya Sigman

I was wondering what the inmate mailing address is?

Freddie Lee Hill

I spoke to officer Reed and I am following her instructions
regarding an application that was mistakingly answer incorrectly one answer I have been arrested in 1998 fir a traffic violation (what I can remember. and jailed and had my
driver’s lic taken and arrested for a few hours. can’t remember any other violations.