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Arizona State Prison Complex - Yuma

7125 East Juan Sanchez Blvd
N/A prison
(928) 627-8871
San Luis
Opened in 1987
Prison Description

ASPC-Yuma is a modern, medium security prison with an inmate capacity of approximately 2,300 and is comprised of 5 housing units. Each unit provides different types of support or education programs, including education services, treatment programs, volunteer programs, recreational programs, spiritual programs, and work programs.

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How long dose it take to get approved to visit an inmate???


Hi Krystal,
The time for the visitation approval process varies from prison to prison. It can 7-10 days or several weeks. You should call the facility in question for additional information.


how do i find out which unit in yuma an inmate would be in, and how do i find the address to write them?


Hi Caitlynne,
Try the following link for help.


If I have probation do I still have a chance to visit an inmate?


Hi Karia,
Please note the following rule:
Former inmates shall be prohibited
visitation with an inmate for a period of two
years from
the date of release, except when the inmate is an immediate family
member or relative.

suzanne guevara

I have been denied visitation to see my son and I would like to know if there is like a template to write an appeal or what the letter is supposed to obtain? 480-709-7577


Hi Suzanne, Please note the following information about appealing the denial of a visitation application: Visitation Denial/Removal Appeals 1.6.1 A person appealing the denial or removal of visitation privileges shall submit a written appeal, within 10 work days of the action taken, to the Warden of the institution where the inmate is assigned. Persons denied due to nonpayment may not appeal the decision to the Warden, but may reapply in six months from the date of denial. For inmates assigned to Contract Beds, the Deputy Warden for Contract Beds shall be responsible for reviewing the appeal and initiating appropriate… Read more »

Lesa Manning

I am trying to find out how to apply to see an inmate, I am already on their list. Also once approved what do I need to take with me to visit the inmate.


Hi Lesa,
For the visitation application, click
For information about visitation,we recommend clicking on the top our link to the state prison. There are numerous rules and regulations including what you can bring to visitation on the state prison web site.