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Arizona State Prison Complex - Phoenix

2500 E Van Buren St
Coed prison
(602) 685-3100
Opened in 1979
Prison Description

ASPC-Phoenix is a modern, medium to high security prison with an inmate capacity of approximately 1,000 and is comprised of 6 housing units. Each unit provides different types of support or education programs, including education services, treatment programs, and work programs.

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my son has been sentenced already but his lawyer said that he already has his time in and he is just going to be classified and than released. now my question is, how long will he be in Alhambra getting classified and does he have to be there the full 2 weeks like an inmate usually is.


How do I find out what is going on with my fiancee? I’m going insane… Are they allowed to use a phone or write when they are in reception status?