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Arizona State Prison Complex - Lewis

26700 South Highway 85
N/A prison
(623) 386-6160
Prison Description

ASPC-Lewis is a modern, medium to high security prison with an inmate capacity of approximately 5,000 and is comprised of 8 housing units. Each unit provides different types of support or education programs, including education services, religious activities, and work programs.

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Good morning,
Do you know if I can visit on the holiday? January 1 ?

Dianne Wolfley

I am Daniel Wolfley’s 224280 mother. I understand money orders will no longer be excepted. Please tell me what I must do to get money to him. Step by step hopefully.
Thank you, Dianne Wolfley
email [email protected]

Lewis Steele

My brother John Thomas White date of birth 02/12/1979. We were told he’s incarcerated in Lewis Prison there in Buckeye. I have looked up his name and number. It shows that he is inactive. Is it possible that this database may not have been updated? We are very concerned about him since he’s been reported missing on May 19th 2015.

Jennifer Estril

Hello my brother Mario Estril is incarcerated in Lewis prison in Buckeye, Arizona and me n my family are having afew difficulties on behalf of a family crisis n how to go about this matter cause for one this does not need to be told to him in letter. I’m sure there is a way that someone there like a counselor or better yet a pastor can relate this news cause I know deep down he’s gonna really hurt to hear this please help me how to go about this matter