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Federal Correctional Institution, Ashland (FCI Ashland)

State Route 716
Male prison
Opened in 1940
Prison Description

A low security federal correctional institution with an adjacent minimum security satellite camp.

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Jaclynn Weber

What is the dress code for visiting Ashland?


My boyfriend was sent to an FCI for possossien a few months ago. He was also unfairly stuck with distribution, even though investigators admitted that they took the files themselves and that he wasn’t actively disseminating. I still cry myself to sleep almost every other night. It’s taken all of my energy away. I can still work and function, but every thing reminds me of him. He isn’t here to help me and be the support that he was. My boyfriend was the greatest thing that ever happened to me, and now I worry about his safety and how his… Read more »


Your boyfriend is not God. You can live without him. I understand you miss him but stop actin like he is the world for you because only God occupies that space. Read your bible while he is in there…I’m sure whatever support you need God can supply it with or without dude.

felicia Brown
felicia Brown

I’ve been calling to talk to somebody but noone never answer. I need to find out whg I was denied visitation for an inmate there

Mr. Blue
Mr. Blue

I have been call this this facility for the last few trying make contact with Mr. Miller about trying to get some information about apprenticeship they at Ashland FCI. Please have him to contact me at this number and my is Mr. Blue 9108509763 thank you…