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Update: Coronavirus & Jails-Prisons



As of March 9th, the New York Times reported, there were an estimated 600 cases of coronavirus in the United States. This was an increase of 100%, since Friday. Thirty four states have reported cases. The Coronavirus will  infect our jails and prisons.   Dr. Jeff Keller, medical director for the Bonneville County Jail, in Idaho, stated,“Once (coronavirus) gets into an enclosed system like that, it kind of gets wild.”Because correctional facilities are a unique environment, there are complicated issues, such as visitation, security, etc.

What is Happening in our Jails and Prisons:


Bergen County jail officials, suspended all contact visits for inmates, but retained traditional visits, through glass partitions. Many jails and prisons are having difficulty in obtaining needed cleaning supplies. However, North East Tennessee jails are achieving preparedness. Tennessee-Sullivan County Jail staff have reported increased cleaning processes and have stocked up cleaning supplies.

There are jails and prisons that would have substantial difficulty providing isolated cells for a high number of infected inmates. There is the issue of resolving health care issues for correctional officers, who have the virus. Security will be affected, if a substantial number of correction officers fall ill from the Coronavirus,

The Federal Defenders of New York have reported that, “Many of the people detained are elderly or have serious medical issues, populations that are at particularly high risk for death if they contract the virus…“In the wake of a complete shutdown last week at the Manhatten MCC, some units of more than 25 people are sharing a single toilet. Many people are locked in small cells with a cellmate sharing a toilet and sink. Nobody has been able to shower more than once every three days. Bed sheets and clothes have not been cleaned in over a week,”

Jails and prisons have no choice, but to prepare immediately for this Pandemic.

Posted by: Bradley D. Schwartz
Founder of
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Yakinda martin
Yakinda martin

People are getting sick in jail including Gouverneur Correctional facility our love ones is in this place and this facility like to cover all there sick people that works for the facility please take a look at this we love our love ones and we would truly like uour protection to ensure they are safe from the contact of the Correctional officer and staff.too much cover up is going on when mean while inmates are being infected.


I say send no violent prisoners home. Short or long timers. Let them be with their family. If people are gonna die give them dignity and respect

mary Delacruz
mary Delacruz

Please send low level and medium level inmates home they will end up getting exposed to this virus being in jail. they should be with their loved ones. please send them home where they can be safe. please please please. if someone can message me back and let me know what is going on with the jail id really appreciate it! thank you in advance…


I whole heartedly agree with this mom’s comment I myself have a son who is serving the end of a 5-7 yr sentence for a Nonviolent crime . Since he’s been locked up his wife has died he has 3 young children my husband and I are retired disabled Veterans who have coustody of his 9yr old and couldn’t bare to have to say to our grandsons you have also lost your dad. We need to speak out stand up for those who cannot help themselves now.

Robin M Murray
Robin M Murray

My son is in gwh correctional facility thorton pa.he is an inmate who works in kitchen.he washes trays by hand.diswasher is broken no soap at times
This place is horrible.i cant believe what they run there especailly during covid.why are they just letting soecific persons out.its unsafe for anyone .covid kills anyage!!!!!