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Mark W. Michael Unit

2664 FM 2054
Male prison
(903) 928-2311
Tennessee Colony
Opened in 1987
Prison Description

The Mark W. Michael Unit is a Texas Department of Criminal Justice men's prison located in unincorporated Anderson County, Texas. The unit is along Farm to Market Road 2054, 4 miles south of Tennessee Colony. 

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Rickey Haggins

What are we allowed to bring alone with us

Renee Gomez

I heard a woman CO say I hate Mexican Gang Members so I strip search them to embarrass them. She was drinking heavily and the other CO told her to be quiet. She claims to do the strip searches without a male CO present.

Renee Gomez

I forgot to include COs name. On her tag it says Becker.

Renee Gomez

I don’t care if my comment is published as long as this CO is stopped from doing whatever she wishes. It’s sick.