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Allendale Correctional Institution

1057 Revolutionary Trial
South Carolina
Male prison
(803) 632-2561
Opened in 1989
Prison Description

Allendale Correctional Institution is a medium-security state prison for men located in Fairfax, Allendale County, South Carolina, United States, owned and operated by the South Carolina Department of Corrections. The facility was opened in 1989 and has a capacity of 1090 inmates held at medium security.

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Is there any way I can get a visitation form online? I’m only asking cause my boyfriend who has sent me one from Allendale, which I have never recieved. I’m just trying to go see him and a lot of the mail he has sent me from the prison has not gotten to me, so is there any way I can get one online? I don’t know if there is something wrong in their mailroom or the post office. i was just thinking it would be easier just to do it this way.


Hi Brittney, Please note the following information about visitation: South Carolina Department of Corrections Visitation Visitation is an important component of the rehabilitation process and is conducted in the least restrictive manner possible while meeting requirements of safety, security, classification, and space availability. Click here to review visitation guidelines: Rules for Visitors The Division of Visitation and Inmate Drug Testing (Visitation) processes applications for visiting privileges. The address where applications are originally mailed is 3765-B Leeds Avenue, North Charleston, South Carolina 29405. The Agency’s Visitation Inquiry Line may be reached at 803-896-1838. For up-to-date information about prisons that have canceled… Read more »


hello can anyone please tell me about the phone system,i live in Australia and my partner is going to Allendale,i realy would appriceate any help that I can get


Hi Suzanne,
Please review our updated section on the telephone system for Allendale Correctional System.
For information about prison life, read the 25 Rules.

Carolyn Deaver

I need to have divorce papers served to John Deaver, 354401.
The papers from the post office needs to be certified that he received them. Preferably signed by him.
How do I accomplish this?
Thank you for your help.


Hi Carolyn,
We recommend using the internet to find process servers in South Carolina to help you.

Melody Truss

If my son went up for parole this year and was denied parole is it possible he could get out next even if his release date is 2020?

Ashley carter
Ashley carter

How do I Schedule a visit with my husband if he’s in lockup but was granted visits

Ralph Smith
Ralph Smith

Does Mrs. Brenda Washington still work there as litter crew director, I was there in 2015 and worked on litter crew. She was a fabulous person and really meant a lot to me.