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Lexington Assessment and Recpetion Center

15151 State Highway 39
Male prison
(405) 527-5676
Opened in 1978
Prison Description

Lexington Assessment and Reception Center is a state prison for men located in Lexington, Cleveland County, Oklahoma, owned and operated by the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

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burnett lacy

I am looking for information on required paper to become a visitor


I was on a website about lexington A&R and it says they encourage Friends and family of inmates to visit but you have to be on the inmates approved visitation list so I called to see how I do that and the lady I spoke with said if they come from a county jail they can’t receive visits I don’t understand that don’t they all come from county jails???

Sheryl Rodriguez
Sheryl Rodriguez

I am trying to locate my son. He was transferred out of LeFlore County Detention Center on Wednesday has not been located at Lexington A&R. How long does the processing take? Please tell me where my is.


Hi Sheryl,

We recommend contacting the facility directly about your son. If thee not cooperative, contact the prison chaplain for help.

Sheryl Rodriguez
Sheryl Rodriguez

I am once again trying to locate my son. He was sent to his facility where he will serve his sentence. But did not know what facility he was at. When he called… He said he was next door to LARC. When I Google Lexington Medium Prison. It says Joseph Harp Correctional. When I go to DOC.OK.GOV inmate search. It shows he is INACTIVE & OUTSIDE. I’m not sure what this means. Can you please tell me? I would greatly appreciate it.


I found out today, my son is in the Shoe. Any way to find out on Sunday, the reason he is in the Shoe?

Lauren Dressen
Lauren Dressen

How often are inmates let out of their cells for “rec”? Is it daily or is their a certain order to it?