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Orleans Correctional Facility

3531 Gaines Basin Road
New York
Male prison
(585) 589-6820
Opened in N/A
Prison Description

The Orleans Correctional Facility is a state prison in New York, United States. OCF is a medium security prison for males and is located in the Town of Albion, Orleans County in Western New York. It is located near the Albion Correctional Facility.

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Do you need to call to make an appointment before visiting an inmate?

jim luce

what food can an inmate recieve every month .. and how do i send running shoes thank you

Pam Santos

Can you give me information on Christian church services


Should I take my drivers license when visiting? can I take my cel phone as well?

jessica turpeau

Hello I wanted to know what’s the number to sent up an account so that my husband can call home ?how do I sent up phone calls?

Jeannine Battaglia
Jeannine Battaglia

It’s 3531 Gaines basin Rd. not 3595 dumbasses. You almost had me send an important piece of mail to the wrong address! And your misleading other people with the wrong address. I’m absolutely disgusted. You people have no right to call your a reliable website. Wikipedia even had the correct address! PATHETIC!!! I Am so disgusted

Stacy Dexter
Stacy Dexter

On your list of rules for phone calls it is stated that the inmate is not allowed to call cell phones. My question is, Is that still a rule when most of America uses cell phones now and no longer have land lines. Also can my boyfriend call my cell phone if it doesn’t have a monthly bill. My service is through a prepaid company call Cricket.
They do not have a contract where I receive a printed monthly bill that I can send into the prison as proof. So will he be allowed to call me on my cell phone?

yvette Abrams
yvette Abrams

I would like to know to who and where a request for an inmate to attend his fathers funeral can be sent. Inmate is in Orleans facility