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Oaks Correctional Facility (ECF)

1500 Caberfae Highway
Male prison
(231) 723-8272
Opened in 1992
Prison Description

Oaks Correctional Facility is comprised of eleven main buildings containing approximately 262,673 square feet of floor space.  Prisoners reside in seven main buildings that include one segregation unit, five general population housing units, two Level II units and three Level IV units.  Two of our level IV units are set up as an ALTERNATIVE to SEGREGATION (START Program).  Prisoners that are diagnosed with a serious mental illness are placed in one of these units in lieu of segregation and they are provided an opportunity to progress through this START program.

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Lena Gager

Where do I get the visitor applications?

Tanya mcdow

How do I find out if an inmate is still in solitary or just not writing back? Is the prison obligated to let family know if something has happened to an inmate?