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Newberry Correctional Facility (NCF)

13747 E. County Road 428
Male prison
(906) 293-6200
Opened in 1996
Prison Description

The Newberry Correctional Facility is in Pentland Township, Luce County, on M-123 and was formerly part of Newberry Regional Mental Health Center. Newberry Correctional Facility consists of 1104 general population beds, and four cells that are used for temporary holding.

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The solution to the proelbm is fine. There is no restriction on how long this takes. It is true that it could potentially take very long for them to figure out when all prisoners have gone through, but using the method described, it is 100% fail safe (i.e. they won’t call it wrong). However, I do see how it could be interpreted as above. A better explanation would be:When a prisoner enters the room and he has NEVER turn the light bulb on AND the light bulb is currently off, he flicks on the switch. Thus, all prisoners will flick… Read more »


It was a pre release faitcily.Men there are going home. They work on roads picking up trash. They have been approved for release sometime soon and are considered low security risks. Once in awhile one man will walk away. They are usually caught and reenter the system with a few new charges.Can’t comment on what happened because I was not there and just read the local papers here. But you gotta wonder how this story began. Joe