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Kinross Correctional Facility (KCF)

4533 W. Industrial Park Drive
Male prison
(906) 495-2282
Opened in 1977
Prison Description

Kinross Correctional Facility originally opened in 1977 utilizing converted U.S. Air Force buildings for most of its major structures. The facility relocated to the closed Hiawatha Correctional Facility (1989-2009) in October 2015. The eight, level II housing units can accommodate up to 1,280 prisoners. KCF also maintains a housing unit near the site of the former facility housing 320 level I prisoners. The 50-acre prison has ten buildings which includes an administration building, programs building, maintenance, food service and indoor activity areas. 

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Hello how do I get taken off of one inmates visiting list and added to another one in the same facility?

carla mcclerin

how do i go by getting aa visitors application sent to me