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G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility (JCF)

3500 N. Elm Road
Male prison
(517) 780-5000
Opened in 1985
Prison Description

The G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility (JCF) is a multi-level prison on 114 acres located northwest of the intersection of Elm Road and I-94 in Jackson County. The prison property consists of six pole barn housing buildings, eleven brick housing buildings, an Administration building, Education building and two food service buildings. It also has healthcare, maintenance, Michigan State Industries, and the Michigan Braille Transcribing Fund.

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joyce j. mcintyre

my son Robert DWYER WAS TRANSFERED THERE FROM IONIA AND I HAVE GOT 1 LETTER SINCE HE HAS BEEN TRANSFERED -I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF HE IS OK,HE HAS EPLIPSEY,and is my only son.I Am his mother JOYCE J. MCINTYRE,tell him please to write his mother. thank you. my e mail is [email protected]. if he is having a problem ,please call me .-thank you.

keayra dean

Can I please tell me the visit day n hours tganks

Betty Kelley
Betty Kelley

Where do I sendt visitation papers to

Camelia R.
Camelia R.

Good evening,
I have been tirelessly trying to check the status of a visitors application but no one has been able to provide me with an update. Would it be possible to receive contact information for someone who has the ability or authority to expedite the process? Please feel free to contact me at the above email address. Thanks

Paula Wilson
Paula Wilson

Hi ! My son is Todd Wilson. He was born deaf but uses a hearing aid to alert him to sound. It is a very important tool for him. Without that device he hears nothing! They took his aid as it needs some repair. Whenever this was needed he was always given a loaner as it is vital to his safety and well-being! They told him he could be without it for 3 weeks! It will be difficult for him to be without it for 3hours!! I don’t think they understand how important that aid is to him. He hears… Read more »


Hi Paula,

You can try reaching the warden’s office through the general number. We also recommend contacting the prison Chaplain for assistance regarding your serious concerns. The Chaplain maybe able to cut through the red tape.

Lavonne Crase
Lavonne Crase

I need to know how my friend can call my number again it’s been over two months trying to resolve this issue I blocked him through GTL they have reassured me numerous times he is not blocked through them but has to call me collect I’m not illiterate they keep saying he has to call pre-paid I even talked to the wardens office and left a voicemail only to then find out there is no warden lol please explain to inmate 177415 what to do thanks