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Pinckneyville Correctional Center

5835 State Route 154
Male prison
(618) 357-9722
Opened in 1998
Prison Description

The mission of Pinckneyville Correctional Center, as a medium security adult male facility, is to provide for the protection of the public through the humane and secure incarceration of adult male offenders, based upon the foundation of legislative and judicial decisions. The center is comprised of 19 buildings, totaling 434,000 square feet, contained on 148 acres of land. The institution consists of five X-design housing units, four of which are strictly dedicated for general population and one which uses two wings housing general population and two wings dedicated as segregation. The center has living accommodations built to American Disabilities Act (ADA) specifications, meeting the needs of its disabled population. A total of 64 beds are reserved for inmates, who are qualified individuals with a disability.

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An interesting aicrtle that indicates that violent crime is rising in Indian Country, however, there were no other statistics to use in comparison. And shame on the jails that are not even offering additional education to the inmates. What is there to help them improve themselves while incarcerated?